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This one is for you, my intrepid reader!

If you've been on this journey with me from the time I published my first Book, Episode 1: In Times of Peace, then thank you! And if you joined me a little later but have managed to catch up, then thank you to you too and I am glad that you're all caught up! Here is hoping that anyone else reading this also catches up eventually!

Now, coming back to the series... well I've had a blast writing it, there are no two ways about that but as much fun as they were to write, I think I may have gotten a little carried away with the whole high of publishing a book thing.

Right off the bat, I'll let you know that I have self-edited all of my books and I am sure that you might have come across more than a few instances where that was evident but based on the feedback I think that I may have succeeded where I've tried to make sure that they are as clean as possible! That said, I also recognize the inherent limitation of critiquing one's own work... it's next to impossible to do that objectively!

This is the point at which my series is at its midpoint so probably a good chance to revisit the time when it all began...

Looking back I realize that when I started off, I didn't plan things out like this... I wanted to write 2-3 books in a year, taking time to get my stuff edited and then proofread and then edited once again but I came to realize that there was just something about finishing a book and not publishing it that just didn't feel right to me... and once I had one book out, I went straight to work on the next one... before I knew it, I was already done and had started working on the one after that!

Don't get me wrong here... I still took the time to have them proofread but if I am being honest, like we should, then I should have given my proofreader more time but she did what she could within the time and so I'll give her full credit to clean up my 60,000 word novels in a matter of days to a publishable level...

But as this Series has reached a point from where it is poised to take off into it's final half, I feel I should take a step back to dot every I and cross every T the way I always wanted to do before I realized that I may have impulse control issues when it comes to sitting on a finished book. And that's why, Episodes 7 & 8 are now being pushed back to July 2022. So that between now and then, I can go about trying to hire a developmental Editor to go thru all of my books and then a regular Editor to help finalize my work.

And once all of that is done, I am gonna hand everything over to my awesome proofreader to go thru them all over again only this time, take as much time as she wants to! I am hopeful that all of this will be done by July next year for the updated editions of all the Episodes to be relaunched along with Episodes 7 & 8.

But these are not the only people who are going to help me give the finishing touches to our epic story because this is where you, my intrepid reader, come into the picture!

And I am not just saying that for dramatic effect, well maybe a little but don't worry... I am not about to start a Kickstarter campaign asking you to contribute towards helping me hire all of these professionals, this is not that kind of a post! But that doesn't meant that I don't want you to get involved because I do! I want you to get involved and give me your take on everything that you feel like giving your take on. Could be anything, could be everything,,, could be nothing at all,,, just reach out to say 'Hi' if you want to!

And this is why I have also tried to reduce the entry barrier for new readers to get in on the series by making the first two Episodes FREE and slashing the prices of Episodes 3-6 to $0.99. I think I'll keep things this way till about end September. Why not make all of them free? Or why only till September end? Because I did want there to be some sort of a filter in place to help identify people who really felt invested enough in the series and that's why I felt it was important to make Episode 2 free as well just in case someone was still on the fence even after Episode 1. But hey, even if you drifted off after Episode 1 or 2, I'd still appreciate your feedback! And I am hoping to have identified a developmental Editor and a regular editor by October so I was kinda hoping to have all your feedback till then.

So if you are here and are reading this, then please reach out and let me know what you thought! And no, this is not about me looking to get some reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, this is not about that at all... this whole exercise is me wanting to hear directly what people who read my books thought about them as I write the next Episodes!

So what are you waiting for?

Click here and unleash your inner wolf and gimme a howl at!


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