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The Problem With The Dance of Darkness and Light...

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I am The Loneliest Lone Wolf and I have authored a series of books in The Dance of Darkness and Light Series. This is a brief introduction to my struggle in finding a category for the series to slot into. That’s the whole problem with it that I had eluded to in the heading!

Now this is not a series that has been ‘written to market’ as they say, which is a big no-no! I didn’t do any research to look into what niche was trending or which keywords were hot. Instead, I have tried to come up with a story that I would find interesting myself as a reader, this is supposed to be another big no-no but I knew couldn’t write anything that I I wouldn’t read myself.

So what kind of things would I usually be into? Let’s just say no matter how many explosions are happening in the story, I’d want them to be firmly in the background and the focus of the story to remain firmly on the characters. So what I am trying to say is that I am the kind of person who would walk away from an action movie more impressed with that great one liner rather than any of the action scenes, this is especially true if the action scenes only involve car chases!

So when I say that I wrote a Young Adult Space Opera, I guess the mutual disappointment is only to be expected when someone expects there to be a lot of scenes involving spaceships trying to destroy each other or doing that thing they do when the captain calls for them to take evasive maneuvers, and has anyone besides me ever wondered what these actually are? Now don’t get me wrong here… I am not saying that there is no character development or story progression in a majority of Space Operas our there, nor am I suggesting that they all just follow any one of already established temples… but they do have some established motifs and when I use borrow that phrase to describe my books, I totally understand why someone would expect some of those motifs to be there. Which they are not.

And the whole Young Adult thing brought with it another bag-full of expectations that I wasn’t planning on delivering either. Add to that the fact that there is also a story of forbidden love (in the classical sense) unfolding even further in the background while all of this is happening.

I guess I could call it a character driven epic adventure. But there is no such category, so I either have to go with either Literary Fiction or Contemporary Fiction, and having gone thru some of the books in that space I have come to the realization that as imperfect as they are, my books are still a better fit as a Young Adult Space Opera rather than it would be in either one of those categories.

I have even tried to look to others for suggestions. One of the reviewers suggested it should be a good fit as a Dystopian since the book reminded them of Hunger Games and Divergent, I don’t know how to deal with that information since another one of the reviewers had told me that it reminds them of Harry Potter. Personally, I don’t see where these comparisons are coming from. I feel my books are as different from Divergent and Harry Potter as Divergent itself is to Harry Potter!

That just leaves me with Fantasy and Science Fiction. Well there is also something called Epic Fantasy, and a whole bunch of other categories to rattle around in my brain but none of these seemed like an obvious fit to me. I even did that thing where you throw darts to pick a random category but it turns out that my aim is so bad that I missed them all… or maybe it was a sign? Could be, sounds much better than just having an embarrassingly poor aim! For now, I am just letting the randomness of the cosmos dictate their fate and I’ll just focus on writing more books that I know will test very favorably with any focus group made up of me and me alone!

You can check out all the books in the series by clicking here and coming back to tell me what you think.

Now I’d love to end with a good quote… but since I can’t remember anything related to what I said, how about something classic instead?

Quote The Raven… Nevermore!

Eat your heart out Rufus Griswold!

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